Advanced Foot Care course


You will love every minute of your foot care journey with us…

March 7&8- 2020, June 6-7 2020

September 12-13 2020, December 5-6 2020

Module 1 – In-Class Theory Component – 2 days

Module 2- Hands-On Clinical Component – 3 days

Three days clinical placement in clinic and nursing home

(to be scheduled with instructor following theory days at your convenience,

all equipment supplied)

Cost of Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course (Module 1 & 2)   $2800.00

Students can apply for the education initiative through RPNAO/RNAO for up to a $1500.00 reimbursement when you have completed this course.

A Foot Care Nurse is Born…

Our program is designed for specialization in Advanced Nursing Foot Care. New Nurses will gain knowledge and clinical skills to develop a professional career in this field of practice. This program is also for experienced foot care nurses who wish to update their practical skills and knowledge working within the Health Care Team or expanding their current independent practice.

Each facilitator on our team, and added industry professionals will support our program with topics in their areas of expertise. Such as;

  • Scope of Practice
  • Best Practice Guidelines
  • Anatomy of the Lower Leg and Foot
  • Characteristics of the Aging Foot/Limbs
  • Microbiology
  • Infection Protection and Control
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Patient Foot Health Education
  • The Multidisciplinary Health Team
  • Bio-Mechanics
  • Nail & Soft Tissue Pathology
  • Structural Deformities
  • High Risk Categories including: Diabetes, Vascular Disorders, Wound Care


Optional Foot Care 

Starter Kit for purchase:

Portable podiatry rotary drill, PPE, burrs, Foot care essentials etc. are available for purchase to get your foot care career started on the right foot. Please enquire at our office.

What will I walk away understanding….

* Medical foot care
* Orthotics; Custom and non-custom
* Compression wear
* Sterilization procedures
* Charting, scheduling and forms
* Foot and nail products

* Bracing techniques, toe reconstruction and ingrown nail procedures
* How to use technology to make your work week easier and more

* Advertising, getting you known!
* What to charge and how to collect for your services.
* How to speak and work cooperatively with nursing homes, corporations, unions
* How to collaborate with other professionals


Why Us?

We offer exceptional courses to ensure that future Foot Nurses obtain the highest amount of knowledge from instructors with two decades of experience operating a successful Nursing Foot Care Practice.

We will provide you with the best practice foot care education in a busy and successful foot care company atmosphere. Our nurses are trained in ALL advanced techniques and will pass our knowledge on to you. Your hands-on experience will prepare you for being the best in the foot care industry.

Our charismatic lead instructor Heidi Moniz has been an RPN since 2002 and is an experienced business leader and educator to health care groups. She will make you feel comfortable and truly enjoy this experience.  We will make sure you follow and practice the highest Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Best Practices for Reprocessing of Critical Foot Care Equipment/Devices,

meet the Foot and Lower Limb Healthcare Model for Podortho® Nurses Core-Competencies and get you comfortable understanding and meeting the CAFCN guidelines for National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada.  Our theory curriculum and textbook has been designed by Feet For Life Medical and authorized for our program and curriculum use. This is a small class setting with lots of attention for our students to they leave happy with what they have learned.

We will give you the hands-on clinical experience you really need to be comfortable in client care and excited to start your new career as a Foot Nurse!

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