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Foot Care in Burlington and Hamilton

Why Custom Orthotics Are The Foot Care Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

MARCH 29, 2021 / FOOT CARE

The health of your feet impacts many aspects of your life including how you walk, run, stand and even sit. Prioritizing foot care will make you look, move and function smoother and more comfortably.

What are foot care orthotics?

Many marketing campaigns aim to convince people that the orthotics you can buy off the shelf at the drug store provide a similar level of foot care to the custom orthotics created and sold by our Burlington foot care clinic. This simply isn’t true.

The shoe inserts from the drug store are mass-produced and are only customized to allow them to fit into your shoe. Custom orthotics like the ones provided at the Aldershot Foot Care Clinic are specifically built to support your foot in the exact areas where its needed. They are shaped to fit every contour of your foot. This is incredibly important, because every foot is unique. The areas where your foot needs support can be completely different from another person’s areas of support.

Why custom is key

Every body is built differently. Some people get orthotics to support unusually high arches, while some need extra foot care to support feet with unusually low arches. Using the same solution for two very different problems just doesn’t make sense.

Arches that are too high or low make it impossible for your feet to stay in alignment with your shins.

This misalignment between feet and shins often mean that the feet turn inward or outward which can eventually cause your knees to become misaligned as well.

A shift in knee alignment can then cause a shift in the bones in your thighs, pulling their connection with your pelvis out of place.

All of these misalignments mean that the problem that started in your feet can eventually cause unsteady hips and a spine that is less stable than it should be.

Using custom orthotics to properly remedy the irregularities in your feet can correct your gait, fix current misalignments and prevent further misalignments from progressing. This can provide you with rapid pain relief that can be maintained long-term.

Schedule an appointment with the experts at Burlington foot care experts at Aldershot Foot Care Clinic & Mobile Services today to get on the path to healthy, pain-free feet.

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