Corn and Callous Debridement

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Corns are small, round circles of thick skin. They’re most commonly found on the tops and sides of your toes and on the soles of your feet. They occur more frequently on bony feet that lack cushioning. Calluses are rough, very hard patches of skin. They’re usually on the heel or the ball of your foot but can also be on your hands and knuckles. Calluses are usually bigger than corns and are more yellow in color. They lack well-defined edges and may lack sensitivity compared to the rest of the foot. Corns and calluses are both due to friction and pressure. They are usually protective reaction to prevent damage to or blistering of the skin. The most common cause of corns and calluses are shoes that don’t fit well. If the fit isn’t correct or the shoes are too tight, they’re likely to rub against your skin, causing friction. Doing lots of walking or running, even in shoes that fit well, or standing up for very long periods can also cause corns and calluses. If your callous or corns  reoccur after treatment then padding, different footwear or orthotics may be advised.