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Foot Care in Burlington and Hamilton

Proper Foot Care And Your Choice Of Footwear

JUNE 16, 2021 / FOOT CARE

We use our feet. A lot. We stand on them, we walk on them, we depend on them to keep us up, to get us places. It’s clear that our feet are a very important part of our bodies. But, do we care for them as such? Sometimes aching, throbbing, or swollen feet just seem like part of our everyday lives. We get pain in our legs, muscles and joints, and never consider that it may begin in our feet.

Just like we depend on our feet, our feet depend on the right shoes to carry us through the day.

Choosing the right shoes

Regardless of whether you’re heading to a physical job like nursing or construction, or heading out for a run or a walk to the park, your choice of shoes makes a big difference on how these activities impact your feet, and the rest of your body.

By wearing shoes that fit you properly and offer the right level of support, you can reduce pressure on your back and spine, making your days, and your nights, far more comfortable.

It’s important that you wear the right shoes for the activity you’re doing. If you’re a runner, don’t settle for cross-trainers – you need proper running shoes. If you’re going hiking, you need shoes with a different level of ankle support and traction than you would on a soccer pitch.

When trying on shoes, make sure you’re wearing a similar style and thickness of socks that you’d wear for the activity you’re planning. Make sure your shoes are tight enough to give you stability, but loose enough to give you room to breathe. Shoes that are too tight can lead to bunions.

Replacing your shoes

Not only is it important to choose the right shoes, but it’s also important to replace those shoes after they start to break down. Shoes lose their shape and support over time, so be sure to care for your feet by replacing your shoes recently.

If you have questions about the impact shoes can play in your overall health care, call your Burlington foot care clinic. We’ll be happy to take a look at your feet and make professional recommendations to help you live a healthier, pain-free life.

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